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The 5 Reasons to Try Springboard Diving Lessons

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

Summer is fast upon us. Once your swimmer is comfortable swimming in the deep end, maybe it’s time to try springboard diving. Or, maybe YOU want to try a new activity or cross off a bucket list item. Southern California is famous for its swimming and diving teams and athletes. Does your swimmer like American ninja warrior or parkour? Do they cart wheel instead of walk? Or are you just looking for a new activity to develop coordination and self-confidence. Here are 5 great reasons to give diving a try.

Fun And Exciting – Nothing beats the exhilaration of flying. Jumping and diving off the springboard is an amazing experience. Each jump or dive is exciting. It is especially fun and exciting when you learn a new trick or skill! OMG did you just jump off the high dive? I didn’t know you had it in you.

Great for High School / College – swimming and diving is the number three sport in the United States where high school athletes continue to train and compete in college. The potential for college scholarship makes diving a great sport. Diving is perfect for the gymnast, martial artist, dancer – who wants recognition in high school i.e. a varsity letter and then an entry into collegiate athletics.

Fear Management / Bravery / Goal Setting – Although the introductory phases (learning to jump) are somewhat mellow – Diving can sometimes be scary, especially off the high dive! Diving teaches you to challenge yourself in a safe fun environment. Goal setting and goal achievement are crucial life skills that diving teaches.

Awesome Exercise Anybody can try regardless of their current fitness level. Diving develops balance in coordination and crucial core strength.

Safe – Diving is a very safe sport. Diving gets a bad rap as majority of diving accidents involve alcohol and jumping or plunging into an unknown body of water. Diving in a controlled setting of a pool with official springboards is one of the safest sports around. We teach how to take off the board, how to somersault and twist, then how to enter the water. We teach jumps that turn into dives. Dives turn in to flips. Flips add more flips or twists.

Pomona Diving Academy is based in Claremont, CA. Coach McRobbie McLellan has been coaching diving for over 25 years. Coach McLellan is currently the diving coach for Pomona College in Claremont.

For more info on our programming - text 949.394.3549.

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