PDA - Expectations

Dive Team Rules

Fast Diving - Pomona - SoCal


  1. Athletes not permitted on equipment without diving Coach present. This includes pull up bars, dry-board, diving boards, trampolines, etc.

  2. No horse play (spitting, splashing, annoying behavior).

  3. No profanity.

  4. Limit physical contact except when shoulder stretching, pike stretching, spotting.

  5. Silence phones.

  6. Baulk only when back.

  7. Positive Attitude

  8. No talking while coach is talking.

  9. After each dive, look for immediate instruction / critique.

  10. 10 second limit on diving board. - It is not fair to teammates to hold up practice.

  11. If hurt, swim immediately to side of pool. Do NOT go to the bottom.

  12. Acknowledge and Thank coach on exit of workout.

  13. Leave diving area cleaner than you found on arrival.


Everyone does better once expectations are laid out, Both at home and at the pool. Once educated on what’s expected, most individuals do their best to meet expectations unless an underlying issue is present. I have two different sets of expectations for athletes - the first describes what i expect from a new athlete or a lesson diver. Once the diver progresses through our novice to JO team - the expectations shift to a more balanced look at the student athlete both on the pool deck and at home or in the classroom. Here is a list of our basic expectations.


Athlete Expectations:

What is expected from new athletes and lessons:

  • Listen.

  • Be positive with a good attitude.

  • Have fun!

  • Understand and follow all rules.

  • Look Before you Leap!


What do I expect from a SoCal or Pomona student athlete:


  • Academics - Maintain A’s or better in all classes. Diving is a privilege, do not jeopardize your ability to participate. Perform exceptionally in the classroom.

  • Attendance - Attend as many practices as possible. We cannot coach what we do not see. Attendance is crucial.

  • Culture - Have appropriate fun and laugh. Keep up your intensity but keep a light heart as a fun workout can stll be an intense workout.

  • Culture - Focus and intensity – we have a limited amount of time together so we expect high energy during activity with positive attitude.

  • Culture - Support your team by being a leader by example. The organization as a whole is stronger than the individual parts.

  • Facility - Change into suit / gym clothes upon arrival.

  • Facility - Utilize shelves for shoes, backpacks, and personal belongings. Do not leave shoes or other personal belongings on floor.

  • Facility - Outside communication and social media is prohibited during workout times. Cell phone use for skill video only. Edit your silent mode to shut off all notifications so you are not tempted...

  • Fear - Embrace fear and anxiety as something positive – “Get your butterflies to fly in formation.”

  • Fear - Trust our leadership and confidence in guiding you to exceeding your capabilities. We have great patience and move slowly with skill progressions. Once you are invited to the next dive, next level - trust our judgement. We are pushing to have you achieve more than you think possible.

  • Homelife - Be pleasant and polite in all chores and family functions.

  • Homelife - Over communicate your progress, plan, and homework status along with any other challenges and successes faced daily. .

  • Pain - If it hurts more than 7 out of 10 - stop, get out, and find an alternative exercise to better condition you. Except if you smack - then get up and try again regardless of the pain unless there is a safety issue. .

  • Personality - Enlighten all encounters in relationships.

  • Personality - Be responsible for your relationship with difficult peers, teachers, parents. Especially parents as they only want the best for you.

  • Mental Strength - Positive self talk and humor whenever possible especially in epic fail situations. Look for the lesson and everything.

  • Mental Training - research, review, and implement a mental training regime utilizing visualization and other tools to balance your physical training. Share with your coaches for input and ideas.

  • Self Advocacy - If injury or illness occur – be proactive by pre-writing a workout using our skills and drills that does not affect your injury or illness. Have them written and submitted for approval prior to the start of workout/class.

Diving Coach Expectations

Pomona Diving Academy

Our Philosophy - Achieve Excellence Pursuing Perfection. Better every relationship, encounter, and equation. Become a positive multiplier in all situations.

Our Mission - Teach life skills through sport - Skills of self confidence, fear management, and to do the little things near perfectly knowing big things come with time and proper habits.

Coach Expectations

  • Register as a coach for USA Diving / AAU Diving - Pass Background Check

  • Coaches are not permitted on any apparatus except to hand spot.

  • Actively recruit for new members. Seek new facility to open programs.

  • Attendance taken daily - via ap currently in place for attendance. Preferably directly into ap to save time.

  • Match attendance vs roster.

  • Maintain roster and AAU / USA Diving Membership compliance. (Head Coach)

  • Record daily progress via google spreadsheet or method of progress tracking currently in place.

  • Plan tomorrow's workout today and submit for approval using google spreadsheet

  • Video skills and upload them to Google Photos into folder asking for review vs archive.

  • Create and record drills to correct technique creatively.

  • Social media posts immediately post practice.

  • Communicate success and failures to best help teach.

  • Never turn your back to the water.

  • Demonstrate whenever possible - or - use someone as a visual model.


  • Have pool / stations ready by start time. Arrive early to move lane lines, flags, set up ipad/music/stations.

  • Music (CLEAN) whenever possible. Cater to parents age / taste.

  • Encourage Dryland / Dance between Dives for warmth

  • Ipad w video delay - have instant visual feedback.

  • Encourage parents to video - and Social Media Posts tagging team.

Character Traits

  • No Late / No Cancel

  • Coaches will showcase integrity practicing honesty, fairness and respect for everyone.

  • Lead by Example

  • Emphasize a positive healthy lifestyle

  • Positive Correction = positive comment, correction, positive comment, correction.

  • Participate in ongoing learning and become active communicators.

  • Contribute and enjoy relationships with pool staff and other sports utilizing the facility and parking.


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