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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some answers to our Frequently Asked Questions on springboard and platform diving lessons and team.

Q. What if my child has zero experience? 

  • A. No worries, we are trained to work with all levels. As long as your child is comfortable swimming in the deep end of the pool – we can teach them to jump, dive, and twist.

Q. What should I bring to my first lesson?

  • A. Please come to your first lesson with Swimsuit and two towels. We sometimes run or do some dryland exercise so please come with with running or athletic shoes. A fluffy towel is nice to stretch on during our warm up. During cold months, some divers enjoy wearing a wetsuit. Hot Tub is available also to keep kids warm. 

Q. How do I register?

  • A. Please visit our register page - Click Here - There are 3 Steps,

    • 1. Sign up and pay tuition.

    • 2. Register with USA Diving to be covered under our liability insurance (email receipt to Please align with our team so we have you on the USA Diving roster. 

    • 3. Register with AAU Diving (email receipt to Detailed instructions can be found on our register page .


Q.  I tried my first month and my child loved it. Do I have to sign up every month?

  • A. Once you have registered, signed up for USA Diving, and submitted your Emergency Medical Form - We recommend signing up for a payment plan. This allows you to auto pay until you decide to cancel. You can set this up here - Book Online - Pricing Plans 


Q. What Plan should I choose

  • For younger divers ages 6-10, 2 60 minute classes per week are recommended.

  • For divers 11 and up, we see the most results when kids train 3x or more per week. As our membership grows, we plan on offering more days / times. Diving like any other skill or sport only gets better with repetition. If your diver likes our programming, I recommend setting up Book Online - Pricing Plans for convenience. Who wants one more task...


Q. How much does it cost? 

  • A. Prices vary due to the number of classes per week and the duration of classes. We also give discounts for signing up for more training.  Visit our plans page for updated pricing. 

Q. Where do I go for my first lesson?

  • A. Haldeman Pool on the Pomona College campus. Park on Mills Street and walk through the tennis courts to access the pool. Front entrance to Haldeman Pool will be open (the side door is iffy as we may not hear you knock). Once on deck, walk towards the "Dry" diving board + high jump mat. No athlete is allowed on ANY equipment until a coach is present!

Q. What are your rules and expectations?

  • A. GREAT QUESTION! Our team rules and expectations can be found here - click here. 

Q. Do you offer a faculty/staff discount for employees of the college?

  • A. YES, we offer a discount for faculty / staff / coaches / and employees of any of the schools in our consortium. Please email Coach Rob @


Q. Can my child try diving then take time off?

  • A. Sure, we work with many sports and seasons but of course prefer you to train with us year round for maximum fun and advancement.


Q. Do you offer adult classes?

  • A. YES, please contact us as we are building a lessons and competitive team for adults. Great bucket list item. 


Q. Do you dive in the rain?

  • A. YES, we dive in the cold and in the rain. The pool temperature is appx 80 degrees. We also have a hot tub for the really cold workouts. We DO NOT dive if there is lightening. 

Q. Can Adults Dive?

  • A. Yes - adults are welcome to train but must become members of USA Diving for insurance + background check.

Q. Do you offer a discount for multiple family members?

  • A. Yes! Use coupon code Sisterbrother to receive 10% off. 


Q. We signed up, but missed sessions, can we get a refund ?

  • A. No, sorry, no refunds are available.

Q. We had back to school night, can we have a make up?

  • A. Unfortunately No, we only offer make ups if WE cancel the practice. 

Q. How much does competing cost?

  • A. local competitions typically cost $50/ event. Coaches daily stipend is split amongst competitors. 

  • A. travel competitions have similar event fee's. Coach travel and stipend is split amongst competitors. 

Q. We are signed up but have not been coming, do you cancel for us?

  • A. No, you are responsible for canceling your membership. If you have difficulty, we are happy to help. 

Q. We want to add more training days or reduce training days. Can you adjust for us?

  • A. No. You need to cancel and re-subscribe to the desired training frequency. 

For more serious divers, Here is a synopsis of USA Diving Rules created by Trojan Dive Club @ USC

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