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High School Diving - Solutions

High school diving is one of the most rewarding sports. Most divers see immediate improvement at the beginner level. 

2023 CIF Season is here! Necessary info can be found here - at CIFSS's swimming and diving page -

2023 CIF Diving Meets on - 

Click Here

2023 Freeway League Schedule - Click Here

2023 CIF Diving Championships - Dive Judging Criteria - Click Here

Diving Items on Amazon that may interest you - 

Chamois Towel - Wetsuit - Rashguard - Jolyn Suits - Swim Parkas

Diving Tutorial for new divers and dive families - Click Here  

This was written for LA84's Summer Splash but most info is relevant




NFHS Dive Sheet

Click Here

DD Table

Degree of Difficulty - Click Here

All American

NISCA All American Diving 

Information CLICK Here

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