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Cold Weather Diving - Suggestions

Dive Families - we are in the coldest time of the year diving after the sun goes down. The college divers rejoice most days diving in the sun in mid 70's. The club kids (you) however have to endure cold temperatures, winds, and sometimes rain.

This time of the year builds an inner strength and mental resilience. It is not easy to leave your warm home to go jump on cold diving boards on a brisk windy evening. I enjoy watching the face of each diver on their first jump into the pool for our frigid night sessions. To those of you that just started diving, it gets better. The sun on your shoulders during Spring, Summer, and Fall diving make it totally worth enduring the November-February.

To make practice more enjoyable and productive - we recommend finding an inexpensive thermal swimsuit. Check out the amazon offerings sorted by customer ratings. Click our link here to shop

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