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How Many Days Should a Diver Train.

For ages 6 to 10 we recommend 2x one hour sessions per week.

For ages 11 and up we recommend a minimum of 3 days with a preference on 4 to 5 days depending on how many activities your student athlete is involved in. Remember – the more days you train, the more you enforce correct habits so you progress exponentially faster than those that train less. Diving is also a phenomenal work out so the more days you train the better your fitness level and self-confidence are. Divers that are training three or more days a week generally have a 30 minute warm-up then a 60 to 90 minute diving session doing approximately 40 to 60 dives or skills.

During a session divers learn faster by simulating the motions on the pool deck prior to climbing onto the diving board. In colder temperatures divers sometimes do cardiovascular exercise in between dives to keep body temperature up and muscles warm.

Our coaches and staff are also trained to emphasize a balanced happy healthy lifestyle. The more your student athlete spends time with us generally the better their outlook on life. We strive to be a pillar showcasing morals, values, and all that good things come from hard work, healthy habits, and careful planning.

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