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Importance of Sunday Platform Practice

Dive Family - we are fortunate to have some of the best diving facilities in the world right in our backyard. Mission Viejo, Rose Bowl, UCLA, USC, and Riverside all have 5 m, 7 m, and 10 m platforms. Most are equipped with a bubbler system for learning new dives.

Each facility is quite selective of who they allow , especially as more facilities begin opening up.

Benefits of platform diving -

  • Platform Divers are more valuable in NCAA Division I swimming and diving. College coaches are looking for an athlete for 1 m springboard, 3 m spring board, and platform diving. Scoring in three events it’s quite valuable to the swim team.

  • Platform diving takes fear management and courage development to a whole new level. Don’t fret though - We start out with very basic jumps and easy skills. We don’t let you go running off the 10 m on day one.

  • We typically train alongside other programs giving us a good insight to what other divers in our age group are doing or not doing in practice. Most local college coaches also coach club - so this potentially puts your athlete in front of college coaches.

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