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Parent Meeting 11/23/2019

New Name = Claremont Pomona Dive Club (Team) and Claremont Pomona Diving Academy (Lessons) - CPDC / CPDA

Welcome – Your Family is joining ours ground floor on a start up that successfully navigated its first year in business showing exponential growth. This time last year we had three divers.

Team Vision = Build a profitable non profit business model teaching springboard and platform diving to athletes and training coaches. Once established and modified to be successful, we plan to replicate our model at other facilities while watching for new facilities being built.

We teach courage not fearlessness. Fear management. Humans are born with two fears. The fear of falling in the fear of loud noises . I get to yell loud noises at your children while they fall.

Team Goal =

1. To engineer the next generation student athlete by teaching life lessons through sport.

2. To foster a culture of mastery pursuing perfection in the simplest basics providing the building blocks for excellence.

3. Teach Fear Management and goal setting / goal achievement which then begets self confidence and self worth.

4. To build the systems for growth creating the largest diving organization in the world.

5. To be the showcase business model for 2028 Olympics hosted in LA.

6. To have our athletes participate in diving inter-collegiately with potential for scholarship

We are merging the best of American Olympic training with Egyptian Olympic training and now are offering Russian style diving training.

Coaching Staff

Coach Rob McLellan - Head Coach at Pomona - Pitzer - Division 3 institution. We are the "Ivy League on West Coast". D3 are the purest student athletes.

Coach Ivan - Head Coach - Rose Bowl Aquatic Club and Claremont-Harvey Mudd - Scripps. Former Head Coach Mission Viejo Diving

Coach Ahmed - Egyptian Diving now engineer for contractor w SoCal Gas.

Coach Amber - University of LaVerne alumni diver now student teaching in Fullerton Unified School District.

Facility - We are fortunate to utilize the Haldeman Facility and are excited to begin using CMS’s Axelrood Facility and dryland

AAU / USA Diving Membership - it is time to renew your usa diving membership (December 1st). We are also requiring that all divers are members of Amateur Athlteic Union (AAU Diving) which covers use of dryboard and trampoline. There are instructions on - then click register.

Annual Fee / Levels - New annual fee will go into effect January 2020.

Annual or monthly payments - set up on auto pay.

  • City/Groupon $0

  • Lessons $100 (1-2x per week)

  • Novice $400 (3-4x per week)

  • JO $600 (5x per week)

  • Elite $800 (6x per week)

My other program fundraiser is approximately $60,000 annually to offset this fee.

Fee’s cover

  • Pool usage - Pool usage is significant compared to athletic fields.

  • New equipment / maintenance

  • Trampoline

  • Somersaulting mats

  • 1m platform

  • Spring floor

  • Dive Meets

  • Coach Travel and Meals (not Entry fee’s…)

Private Lessons Available $45/:30

1 /1 or 1/2

FIT - Focused Intensive Training = max 8. Watch my college divers for an example of FIT training. Fit offered on a first come first serve basis.

Clinics - as a team we will host and participate in clinics across Southern California. Holiday Clinic is coming 12/27-12/29 - save the dates!

Referral - Help us grow our circle of influence. We would love to discuss tuition reduction for introducing us to new divers.

Specialty Help? - Graphic Design, Social media, Fundraising, Grant writing, Sports psyche, Athletic Training, Personal training / Cross fit, Accounting, Biz Development.

Parental coaching – our insurance policy requires parents to sit offsite and not communicate unless there is an immediate safety concerns. we have to establish trust with your child and any emotions that are invoked outside of us during work out or outside of our control. My college and other programs will do anything I ask with a simple question of do you think I can coach. We’re trying to develop this with your athlete. I highly encourage your words on the car ride home to be that was fun watching you train.

Drama and hierarchy.

Drama - Diving is similar to other high drama sports like gymnastics and cheerleading. Diving is different and we expect families to be respectful at all times. Swimming and diving is a non-revenue Sport at one of the top liberal arts colleges ranked by Forbes in the US with a $2 billion endowment. We will eliminate any families that act against our goals and beliefs.

Hierarchy - Any issues must first be brought up with your athletes coach. If they cannot handle it it escalates to Coach Rob. If I cannot handle it it escalates to my swim coach. Some swim coach goes to athletic director. Parents are not allowed to communicate with the college in anyway without following this hierarchy.

All my swim coach wants to hear is how successful we are providing a quality service to our youth and community while fundraising and donating to his program / facility

Subscribe to newsletter/follow us on Instagram. Make sure you are on our group me list. Text me or direct message me anything sensitive or financial.

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